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      Welcome Yangzhou Deyou Line Cable Co.,Ltd Website!

      Phone: 0514-88781898   13801440700      

      Our strength

      More than 10 years of technical experience, providing all-round product service.

      About deyou

      The state high-tech enterprise, yangzhou deyoucable co., LTD. Is located in the northern suburb of yangzhou, the famous historical and cultural city, the beijing-hangzhou grand canal, the famous "land of lotus root" in baoying county. The traffic is convenient here, the beijing-shanghai expressway, the huaiyang town high-speed railway crossing, five minutes to the high-speed railway station.   Yangzhou deyou cable co., LTD., is a leading product technology services company, after years of arduous pioneering, has developed into a certain scale of the high and lo …


      Product display

      Deyou cable has more than 10 years of technical experience, providing all aspects of product technical services


      Technical strength

      The choice of more well-known customers makes excellent enterprises more excellent.



      Learn about the latest company information, the latest information about cable cables.

      Enterprise culture +MORE

        The enterprise embodies not only the relationship between people and things, but also the relationship between people. This means that enterprises are not only production organizations and economic organizations...